The How-To Heretic

A User's Guide to Life Beyond Religion

Whether you're just thinking about leaving your religion, or you're a dyed-in-the-wool decades-long atheist, your audio uncles Mark and Dan are here to help. With the aid of wise friends and experts in all sorts of fields, The How-To Heretic Podcast will guide you through the scary worlds of heathen living, and make sure you have fun in your new heretical life! We're here for you, friend; so kick off your shoes and join us!

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053: Before Before the Flood


This week! Uncle Dan asks us to hold his can, Uncle Mark takes us boating, and we begin to explore How-To push back against those who are used to doing all the pushing unopposed. 

McKenna Denson in F&T meeting:

Savannah Comes out in church:

NewNameNoah on Mormon Stories podcast:

Sam Young’s Protect LDS Children website: