The How-To Heretic

A User's Guide to Life Beyond Religion

Whether you're just thinking about leaving your religion, or you're a dyed-in-the-wool decades-long atheist, your audio uncles Mark and Dan are here to help. With the aid of wise friends and experts in all sorts of fields, The How-To Heretic Podcast will guide you through the scary worlds of heathen living, and make sure you have fun in your new heretical life! We're here for you, friend; so kick off your shoes and join us!

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096: True Colors


This week! Uncle Doug reports on all the criminality and sexual misconduct that lead to Joseph Smith's last look out the window, Uncle Mark proves he does not see color, at least not the invisible one surrounding you and Uncle Dan asks 'Missionary work. Why?'

057: Drilling for Derp


This Week! Uncle Dan asks ‘what’s the frequency, Peter?’, Uncle Mark warns us about a hole new level of crazy, and we have the first of many How-To’s about getting more comfortable the bees and the birds!

(Important Patreon note!! A scheduling issue made us record VERY early this week. It has been an incredible week for your Patronage, but please know new patrons will not be included in this week's show. We WILL acknowledge all of you next week! We swear! And THANK YOU!!!)